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Recover delicious fresh bread that would have otherwise gone to waste! 

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Start Saving Fresh
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Earth & Wheat is the UK’s first wonky bread box, connecting UK bakeries directly with customers looking to reduce food waste.
We deliver perfectly tasty fresh bread that would otherwise have gone to waste due to appearance standards or overproduction. 

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Did you know?

☀ 1/3rd of food produced in the world is wasted.
☀ 25% of the world’s fresh water is used to produce food that is thrown away. 

☀ 24 million pieces of bread are wasted in the UK, every day. 
Did You Know
How It Works


We deliver your fresh wonky bread directly from the oven to your doorstep, with free express delivery to keep your food as fresh and tasty as possible

(in fact, it will probably be fresher than the bread at the shops!)


Choose what works for you

Select the rescue plan which works best for you

We work with bakeries

Your wonky and surplus bread is packed fresh at the bakeries on the next working day after payment

We deliver fresh

Oven to doorstep,

your ultra-fresh rescued bread box is shipped with free speedy delivery

✔ Pause or cancel anytime 

✔ Free UK mainland delivery

Guaranteed Fresh Bread
Suitable for Freezing
Fully recyclable

How much bread can you save?

Select Plan

 Select a plan to view prices.

Estimated 2Kg of wonky fresh bread

Order Your Bread Box Now

For every box ordered, we donate a meal to UK food banks to help fight food poverty

Each box you rescue helps to save our planet, rescuing around 3240 litres of fresh water and 

3053 grams of CO2 from going to waste 

What breads can I rescue? 

Our wonky bread boxes contain a random and mixed variety of the bread. 

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