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Dr Zeus’s Lunch

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About the Recipe


4 Earth & Wheat Focaccia

50g Cream cheese

Knob of butter

4 Strawberry Fruit roll ups or Yoyo

4 Fruit Winders

4 Hard boiled eggs, peeled

Green food colouring

4 slices of ham


1.      Place your hardboiled eggs into a container with hot water and green food colouring. Allow to soak up the colour for 30-40 mins until the eggs turn green. Do this in advance.

2.      To represent a Cat in a Hat start by cutting out a disc of bread into a circle and buttering. Keep any offcuts for bread crumbs to use later.

3.      Next roll a slice of focaccia flat with a rolling pin and cut into a rectangle. Spread evenly with cream cheese and roll up. Place on top of the circular bread to form a top hat shape. Twist a strawberry Yoyo around the bread to make it stripy. Add a red bowtie by tying Fruit winders and placing on the plate.

4.      Cut out sliced ham and serve the Green Eggs and Ham on a plate with a little salad and the Cat in the Hat plus bright red bowtie.

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